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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  September 20, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning. an 11-year-old boy is in the
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hospital after shot while sleeping in his family's home. you can see the bullet holes. we will take you inside and you'll hear from his family next. >> we have exclusive can -- exclusive video of another over night shooting in oakland. find out why it was so unusual. >> a fiery explosion at a mar teen easy gas station. >> if you're looking for a bay area house should you rent it or buy it? what the experts are saying now. mornings on 2 begins right now. good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, september 20th. an 11-year-old oak land boy is at children's hospital this morning after getting shot. he was asleep at the time in his own bed at his family home on may
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con road. we are at the house where the boy's family is showing us this damage caused by more than a dozen bullets. >> reporter: 11-year-old louis is doing better. his family says that -- his mother just called from the hospital. he will recover. after being shot twice while sleeping in his bed here at his family's home, he was really one of nine people inside this home. they're describing some terrifying moments this morning. his parents, his uncle, grandmother, five children all inside. this house was peppered with bullets. you can see the bullets outside this bedroom wall. >> this is where my dad, my mom and my little center and little brother were sleeping. they were all in here. nothing happened to them. >> they were all in here. you can see the bullet holes here? >> yes. >> i can count one, two, three, four -- 16 is how many you've counted? >> yes. >> be -- but he wasn't in here?
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>> no. two of them passed through the door, as you can see. three on the wall as well. >> reporter: again that bedroom isn't even where louis slept. he was sleeping in a back bedroom with his 16-year-old brother and his uncle. the bullets that hit him passed through two walls, a tv and a door before hitting him. we talked to his brother who was sleeping next to him. hex he checked on him -- he said he checked on him but realize he was hit. >> i didn't know there was bullet holes right there. i saw the bullet hole and i said he got shot. i saw blood dripping on his leg. he couldn't calm down. i just grabbed him and i had a white t-shirt with blood all over it. i told him calm down, everything will be all right. just stay strong. he made a promise to my sister that he's going to stay strong. as soon as the ambulance came, he calmed down. >> reporter: again, he is doing better at this hour.
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you're taking a look at the picture of louis that was in the living room of this home. if you look close, you can see a bullet hole in that picture as it went through that frame. that bullet did not hit anyone. family members say they saw a white honda driving away from the house moments after the gunfire. again, they're grateful that louis is doing better. grateful that no one else was hit. live in oakland claudia long. a teenager girl shot in a separate oakland shooting has just left the hospital. she was one of three victims hurt when someone fired into a car over night. we'll have a live report on that case coming up at 7:30. time now 7:04. after yesterday's huge fire in martinez a gas station may be shut down for months after a car backed into a pump. alex a advantage is out there. you can show us the damage. tell us about the quick thinking of that station manager. >> reporter: this whole station
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very easily could have gone up in flames if not for an lee who shut off the gas right away. he saw what was going on. he saw this car back right into this pump as the driver was trying to position himself. you can see that entire pump was just sheered off. that's what triggered a dangerous explosion. a witness shot this cell phone video at flex oil and gas station. two cars and the pump went up in flames customers went running from the burning station. no one was hurt during the fire. to driver of a chevy backed into the station trying to position his car to pump gas. he lost control and hit the bump itself. flames were flying 30 feet into the air before a quick thinking station clerk hit the emergency shut off switch. employees who saw the crash believe this driver may have hit the accelerator instead of the
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brakes. >> i don't know how come he lost control and all of a sudden hit it. no telling. there's a 180 degree difference. >> reporter: the driver of this car was allowed to leave the scene once police figured out he was not impaired. the investigation is ongoing. as we come back out here live you can see how intense this fire was. it melted the plastic light covers on the over hang at the gas station. there's extensive damage from this fire. that means it could be at least another month or two before this independent gas station will be able to reopen. we are live this morning in martinez, alex savage. >> we are -- have more of that video on web -- out police in lubbock, texas have released chilling video of a crash.
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watch carefully. a police cash dash board camera video taped a police car going out of control, nearly wiped out a woman driver and two officers. they were responding to a minor car accident when an oncoming vehicle hit a police cruiser hurling it towards the officers. one patrolman had just enough time to push the woman driver out of the way. that officer suffered only minor scrapes. investigators say the man who hit the police cruiser was drunk and driving too fast. >> wow. >> luck y people. time now 7:07. sal is back. we have a problem on the bay shore freeway. what's going on? >> a truck accident northbound 101 blocking at least one lane. northbound 101 right here. someone on twitter told me that this is going to mean terrible things for 237. right? yes. unfortunately you are right. this is 237 . it's a little bit slow. people who drive this
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way, driving the sunny vail and 101 is backed up which means that 237 will be terrible. that's your favorite word here. just leave the house early if you can. let's move to the bay bridge toll plaza. that's backed up for a delay. no problems on the bridge, it's just slow. i want to remind you that the dream force conference has blocked howard street. another day of that south of market area delayed or crowded. the best way to get there is public transit. now to steve. some cold readings this morning. some fog thousand. forestville 3 #4 42 -- 42 and foggy. some of the cloud deck hasn't materialized for a few. brent reported 47 in east livermore. there's readings coming in on
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the chilly side. some very cool brisk lows as well. i don't think this pattern is changing any time soon. low responsible for it right there is beginning the make its move. it's going to play into the weather this weekend as well. september can be some of the warmest time of the year for the coast. it's not happening. they're warming up a bit but there's still low clouds around and wind. low 50s for many, including san jose and redwood city at 49. a western component from the golden gate towards the delta is not as strong. temperatures inland might bounce up 1 or 2 degrees. you can see the dome of high pressure building up into the gulf of alaska. it's going to move to somewhere in oregon and then drop straight down. the question is when will that
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happen? one model says saturday, the other suz sunday -- says sunday. for us, sunny and breezy after the patchy low clouds and fog. 60s and 70s for many today. there will be a fresh breeze. 81 pittsburgh, 75 book ins, 73 san jose, sonnyville all low 70s, palo alto 73, low 60s on the coast. maybe a slight warm up friday until that low decides to make its move over the weekend. it will nekt week. >> thank you. it's 7 :10. continuing coverage on the attack on the american consulate in libya. a new report suggests that a former detain knee who is possibly tied to al-qaeda may have been involved. u.s. intent sources say he may have led last
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week's attack. he was released back in 2007. he was supposed to be kept in libyan custody but was freed by the regim. for the first time federal investigators described the consulate attack as an act of terror. >> let me begin by asking you whether you would say that ambassador stevens and the three other americans died as a result of a terrorist attack? >> certainly on that particular question i would say yes. they were killed in the course after a terrorist attack on our embassy. >> later today secretary of state hilary clinton faces tough questions when she testifies about the security of diplomatic missions over seas. there's an out pouring of support from around the world for the family of chris stevens. coming up at 7:15, the special web page has family has set up and how it's helping to keep his
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memory alive. real drama on the streets of oakland. a high speed chase that led to two crashes. one involved a van filled with special needs students. >> a former classmate of the facebook ceo says he has proof that mark zuckerberg ripped off his idea for social media network.
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to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started.
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we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business. for some it's clear and cool, for others it's sunny. for many there's thick fog and chilly readings. it will be mostly sunny, breezy and the 60s and 70s. a manhunt is underway for a draifr who caused two separate crashes during a police chase. the collisions happened late yesterday afternoon. the suspect's bmw slammed into another car trapping a woman inside. the suspect then hit a
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van full of special needs students. the woman was taken to the hospital. no one aboard the van seemed injured. after the last crash the suspect and a passenger took off running. a preliminary report says a driver who struck and killed a florida police officer in president omaba's motorcade was not at fault. officer bruce saint lauren was on his motorcycle escorting president omaba in west palm beach last week when a truck hit him. the truck driver slammed on the brakes but could not avoid the crash. a separate homicide investigation is still pending. time now 7:15. how the presidential campaigns are targeting tar la tee -- targeting latino voters. al lon is live. >> reporter: romney and president omaba are both campaigning in miami this week,
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participating in a forum hosted by spanish language television station univision. during romney's appearance yesterday the first question was about those comments caught on camera disparaging the 47% of americans who don't pay income taxes. romney insisted he cares about everybody. >> well, first of all, this is a campaign about the 100%. over the last several years you've seen greater and greater deviciveness in this country. we hoped to come together but we pulled apart. >> polls show obama has a big lead among latino voters. democrats say that romney video is destroying his campaign. >> we have a long line of people running from romney as if the olympics are still on. >> romney is going to dial back on the number of private fundraisers that he participants
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in. instead he's going to increase his public appearances. reporting live from washington dc, allison burns. >> thank you. tomorrow mitt romney will be here in the bay area for a private fundraiser. it's a $50,000 per person e event. -- event. guests who give a gift of $100,000 will get election night invitations. according to the gay rights group, the civil rights agenda, chick-fil-a has pledged to stop giving money to anti-gay groups. it's promising to treat everyone equally regarding of sexual orientation. chick-fil-a's president came under fire after speaking out against gay marriage. the company has yet to confirm the latest reports. there's new information now about the or begin of facebook and its foundeder mark
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zuckerberg. a former harvard classmate, aaron green span has released instant messages between him and zuckerberg from 2004. he accuses zuckerberg of ripping off some of his social network ideas. green span was already working on a similar facebook website called house system. a facebook spokesperson is refusing comment on the claim. time now 7:17. several valley rivals now working together to oppose new federal rules. facebook, google, yahoo and amazon are among the tech giants forming the internet association. they're going to lobby against anti-piracy legislation that that companies say would punish them for pirated movies, music and books posted by someone else. it's notable that absent is apple and microsoft. there's a new pill that
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could help people with ms. experts say the drug is called bg 12. it's showing a lot of promise if two clinical trials. it could become the safest, most effective pill for ms patients so far. it's a new option. most m sshgs s patients have to take medicine with shots, not pills. the two studies are in today's new england jury journal of -- jaural of medicine. chris steven's bay area family have created a new blog that's helping keep his legacy alive. since his death letters, photos and con dolences have been pouring in from across the world. >> it would support activities that promote religion tolerance, education gnat youth exchanges. >> people are posting all kinds of personal pictures and
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condolences, especially from here in the bay area where stevens grew up and went to school. one message posted by an 18-year-old libyan says he was sorry they could not do more to keep stevens safe. a ft. bragg middle school teacher is being honored with a medal for risking his life to save a 17-year-old surfer. 33-year-old richard becker rescued a teenager who got caught in strong waves last january. he is among 19 people around the country being honored. the other california resident is a san jose man who died while trying to rescue a woman in 2010. time now is 7:20. family members and friends will be honoring the memory of a teenage run away found dead inside a motel this past weekend. a public funeral service for patricia martin will be held at 2 p.m.
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saturday. she was found after being missing for almost a week. the body of a 24-year-old man was also founded in that room. both martin and that man had been shot. a facebook page was set up to find the missing teenager. that man was her boyfriend. 13 prison inmates are recovering from injuries after a huge riot at a state prison. it started yesterday morning inside the prison yard. investigators say one guard shot and injured an inmate. 12 other inmates were stabbed. the fight involved as many as 60 inmates. state prison officials are still trying to determine what started all that violence. 7:21. it's a little chilly out there. unseasonably school for september. is it going to warm up any time soon? >> you may be able to take a course at one of the best universities in the world and not
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even leave town >> why your trip into the valley has a lot of observe cals -- a lot of absolute kls.
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7:23. some of the best universities in the world are now offering their courses on line. the mountain view company says it now has free cyber classes from koe kosh koe lum boo yeah and brown and sanford. -- columbia and brown. there's more than three online courses for 33 top schools around the world it's official, the new season of the san francisco symphony is understood way. the opening celebration was -- sundays way. the opening celebration because last night. that was followed by a gala performance led by famed conductor michael thomas and featuring joshua bell. this is
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a san francisco 101st season. >> i think i saw in the background sal. did you have a good time? >> my dinner jacket is out being pressed now. i had a rough night last night. good morning. you know what, if you're having that kind of a morning -- or you might have that kind of a morning in the valley. it's a rough one. we have a crash northbound 101 at the oregon expressway. it's been there for a bit. now it's begin together back up 237. let's go live to our camera and show you 237. slow traffic. unfortunately i think it's just going to get worse. now the alternate route you could use the du nba rton bridge and come in from the other side. we're looking at some of the other commutes. highway 24 is beginning to slow down here from walnut creek to oakland, especially here in lafayette. bay bridge toll plaza backed up
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for a 15 minute wait. some low clouds around, fog, cool chilly readings this morning. some low 40s, even upper 30s. some areas have sun. redwood shore has sun. for some it's been a cloudy week. the quick forecast here does call for thick fog, some low clouds, chilly then sunny and breezy. not much change tomorrow. saturday should be okay. sunday clouds rolling in and the low drops on. it's beginning to move. 40s for many or low 50s. blos system hill -- blossom hill is at 50. even a west wind continues. it will be a mostly sunny day, breezy. that low is continuing to play into our weather and it will sunday into monday. patchy low clouds, thick fog and brisk morning for some. 60s, 70s mainly.
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a couple of low 80s. 35 at clear lake. >> how about that? >> i know. there's some cold numbers coming in. it will be a little bit warmer friday. clouds on sunday, breezy, quite early next week. >> all right. thank you. actually some good news to tell you about. new developments about the south bay firefighter who was injured on the job. some encouraging news about what happened to him over night. >> we're live in oakland where someone opened fire on a car full of young girls. we'll tell you what was learned about the shooting. >> time to buy. why a new study says it may be cheaper than renting.
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three women were injured over night in oakland when someone fired shots into their car. we have exclusive video of that scene just outside mills college. tear a moryardi is live at the hospital where the victims were taken. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. at 6:15 we saw a 16-year-old girl limping out of the hospital. according to a witness she does match the description of one of the victims who was shot in the leg. we tried to talk to her and her mother but they did not want to make any comments.
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last night just before midnight a drive by shooting. our witness says there was a young woman slumped over the wheel of her suv who had been shot in the upper torso. the girl told the witness that someone pulled up alongside them and started firing. five young people were inside the car. two were shot. a third suffer ed cuts to her face from flying glass. it's believed the shooter used a semi automatic or automatic weapon. witnesses counted around a dozen bullet casings. the victims are not cooperating so it's not known if it's gang related. we don't have a description of the suspect vehicle yet. we will be spoking with oakland place -- police later this morning and hopefully we'll get more information. in a separate shooting in oakland an 11-year-old boy was shot while asleep in his own bed. coming up at the top of
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the hour we'll have a live record from claudia long with a look at the home and the boy's family on his condition. police are warning women about several cases of grouping. a man grabbed a woman from behind and tried to pull her down. she managed to escape and call for help. it's the third time in a month that a woman reported being grabbed in that location. >> the fact that this person has that kind of nerve tells you something is off, he thinks he can get away with anything anywhere. >> police think the same suspect committed all three attacks. he's middle eastern or latino about 40 years old and about 5 foot 9. police searching for a mysterious man who has been offering rides to students near
7:33 am
wakeem intermediate school. he offered a ride to a young boy yesterday afternoon. a similar incident happened about 2 weeks ago. the driver described is as a college aged while man driving a brown pick up truck with a brown camper shell. authorities in mexico say a 72-year-old man from walnut creek drowned and his wife was hurt after being dragged out by a giant wave. this happened yesterday. investigators say 72-year-old ted park was found 800 yards from where the we've hit the couple. the san jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack on the job is back at home this morning. 41-year-old frank ryan was released from regional medical center yesterday. he suffered a heart attack late last month while fighting a fire at a downtown church. fellow firefighters visited ryan in shifts while he was in the i cu.
7:34 am
they also raised money to fly ryan's family members to san jose. authorities need your help to find a missing man from san carlos. 25-year-old derek olsen was last seen leaving his home 2 weeks ago around 10:30. he had been home bound for the past 2 years. they didn't say why. they say ole olsen has been telling his family that he wanted to walk to san jose to visit his grandparents. we have an update on a story we first told you about yesterday. news chopper 2 was taking these pictures of a homeless are end campment catching fire under interstate 280 at 5th and cane street in san front. -- in san francisco. while no one was hurt, neighbors want the city to build a durable fence to block access. they will be solicit ing bids for
7:35 am
building this project. it will cost about $200,000. some families rb hit -- families have been hit with long delayed charges that drained their bank account and it tracks back to pizza. they used debit or credit cards to buy little caesars pizza. there was a glitch with the company who processes those transactions. charges made since january never went through until 2 weeks ago. people who made several trips are not happy about this. some of the accounts were over drawn by hundreds of dollars. it's a big decision, whether to buy a home or rent. ann ruben is live to explain whether home ownership can really save you money here in the bay area. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. buying a home instead of renting could save you up to $800 a month in san jose. that's according to a new study
7:36 am
conducted by the real estate site truli a. it found a big change from this time last year which they attribute to lower mortgage rates and higher rents. the study found that now it is cheaper to buy than rent in all 100 of the largest u.s. metros, including the bay area. for example, it's 28% cheaper in san francisco and 31% cheaper in san jose. homeowners say they can see the advantages. >> it's yours at the end. you have something . if you sell it you get some money back. of course, you have the costs of living there. at the end i have saved money by owning. >> reporter: to come up with their numbers they assumed a marge rate of 3.5% -- mortgage rate of 3.5% time is now 7:36.
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the space shuttle endeavor is in the air after taking off in houston on yet another leg of its final flight. we have some new video of the take off. there it is piggy backing. we had it live for you. endeavor left florida yesterday to begin the three day journey of its final december nalgs, -- destination, which is the california science center in down ton los angeles. it's scheduled to land today after flying over tucson, arizona. very special of why it's going there. it's in honor of former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. her husband flew the last mission on endeavor. he made the request and they granted it. endeavor is due to fly over the california state capital early tomorrow morning before flowing low on the -- flying low
7:38 am
over the golden gate bridge. the final flight is marking the end of the 30 years space shuttle program. >> that's really cool. >> it is . let's check in with sal. what's happening in oakland? new problem there? >> that's right. there's a new problem on interstate 880 in oakland. there's a car that's blocking the left lane. you can see chp on the southbound side is now coming in because it is causing a hazard to south bound drivers. southbound is slowing down as well because this car that got into a crash is only the center divider and partially on that guardrail. this is effecting both sides of the freeway. the northbound direction, as you can plainly see, the southbound direction is also slow. give yourself extra time. it is one of those unexpected back ups. use 580 if you can. let's go to the bay bridge. that is backed up for about a 15 to 20 minute delay. when you bet into san front
7:39 am
south of market crowded because of a huge convention going on that has closed howard street between 3rd and 4th. we also want to talk about the pence la. northbound 10 1 it's an over turned truck. even on 280 as people are fleeing 101, it isfected by this truck accident. let's go the steve. well, for some it's foggy and cold, for others they can actually have some sun for a chance. brandon up in the pacific said you can see the ocean for the first time in a while today. it looks like today will be better. tep will stay below normal -- temperatures will stay below normal. it looks to be sunny and breezy today. still some
7:40 am
40s holding on. up every 40s around san jose. livermore at 47 this morning. we still have a little bit of a sea breeze and if there's no breeze some patchy fog. the highs below average. now 6 #0 0s and 70s or very, very low 80s, 81, 82, 83 but with the breeze and high pressure there's a low that's going to go up to the oregon coast an drive down. the question is when will it do that? probably late saturday into sunday. it will still be breezy today. the low is controlling our weather. breezy to windy at times. more sunshine today by the coast than they've seen in a while. inland temperatures mainly in the upper 70s. clear lake 35 this morning. much can be same for areas in other parts of the
7:41 am
cities. concord 77, low 80s pittsburgh, alameda 65, 73 san jose. that's about 10 degrees beblow -- below average for this time of year. even with sun it won't be that warm. low 70s on the shore. a little warmer inland on friday. some of that fog will be regrouping. sunday that low drops in and it can produce om -- some rain. what weekly job numbers just out this morning say about hiring. which major bank has just announced thousands of lay offs. >> do you hate junk mail? why you are about to get a lot more. >> a 3 minute thrill turned into hours of agony. how riders were finally rescued.
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stocks are down this morning. more people applied for unemployment benefits than economists expected. the mortgage low is down to 3.94%. the rate on a 15 year morning hit a new record low of 2.77. the dow down 23. the nasdaq down 11, a -- the s and p down 4. the number of new unemployment claims dipped slightly: 382,000 people filed for first time jobless benefits.
7:45 am
analysts had expected the number to fall to 375,000 which is the level that can suggest there is enough hiring to lower unemployment rate. bank of america will cut 16,000 jobs before the end of the year. the wall street journal says those are part of a previously announced plan to cut 30,000 jobs by the end of next year. the cuts will mean fewer bank of america branches and a smaller morning division. bank of america is not commenting on the report. time now 7:45. get ready for more junk mail. that's the word from the postal service this morning. pam cook is in our news room now. what are they talking about? >> reporter: the u.s. postal service in trouble. there's been talk of closing branches and stopping saturday delivery for years. now a new plan, more junk mail. in the advertising industry it's known as standard mail. this morning's new york time reports that the u.s.
7:46 am
postal service is cutting deals with businesses and brought mail marketers to send more seams pitches through the mail. the paper also says the postal service is likely to meet opposition from cities across the country that estimate the cost of collecting and disposing of junk bail is about $1 billion a year. the u.s. postal service is facing multibillion dollar losses from drop if first class mail. coming up in our next hour of mornings on 2 i'm going to tell you about local companies that are trying to help us get out from under this mountain of junk mail that's heading our way. back to you. collin powell the former secretary of state is today's keynote speaker in san francisco at the dream force 2012 conference. close to 90,000 people are expected. people interested in using cloud
7:47 am
computing for business. it's sponsored by san francisco's largest tech company sales force. only one man, him, he's camping out at the apple store. apple expects a real line by this afternoon. that's because the iphone 5 will be released a little more than 24 hours from now at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. he came on monday because he's being paid to stay there until he gets the new phone. some people in new york city view the release of the new iphone as a free advertising opportunity. they've been camping out in front of the apple st them are actually there to promote their own businesses. they're wearing shirts and gear with their company logos hoping that all of the extra coverage of the iphone release will give them some free publicity. >> that's smart. happening now , a congressional hearing on the fast and fur furious gun
7:48 am
trafficking. yesterday they released a report on the botched operation that allowed guns to reach mexican drug gangs. some of those guns were recovered at the murder scene after a u.s. border patrol agent. the report cleared attorney general eric holder of blame. 14 employees at the bureau could face disciplinary action. a former head of the atf announced his retirement. time is now 7:48. california's high speed rail project now has the go ahead from the federal government to begin the first phase of construction. that releases more than $3 billion in federal funding for the 65 mile stretch of track. however, central valley farmers still oppose the project. they say the state still hasn't performed a
7:49 am
complete environmental review. only on 2 some new numbers show that fewer voters support the governor's plan to raise income taxes on high wage earn ers and increase the sales tax by a quarter cent. our exclusive field poll is showing 51% would vote yes on proposition 30. that's up. >> it's not comfortably ahead, it's still ahead. there's been no poll that has shown it below 50%. >> proposition 38, which is a broader measure would raise taxes for almost everybody on a sliding scale. there are polls showing 41% would say yes, 44% no, 15 per for undecided. that's up just 8% 2 months ago. it is 7:49. millions of people face a tax penalty under
7:50 am
president omaba's health over haul. nearly 600-0000 americans will be penalized for not getting health insurance. most of them would be in the middle class. that's according to non-partisan congressional analysts. it is 50% higher than first estimated. the average penalty will be about $1,200 in the year 2016 when the penalty takes full effect. next week the san francisco board of supervisors may approve a new ban on over night street parking. the problem is people living in rv's trailer and other large vehicles taking up all the space. a city survey shows only 20% of large vehicles park long term on city streets are registered to owners who live near by. >> what we're seeing is that this is more of a city wide parking issue. >> i used to drive around for 30 or 40 minutes looking for parking. >> it would punish people from
7:51 am
being homeless. large vehicles would be fined $65. if approved the ban could begin later this year. time now 7:50. 20 people safely back on the ground after an unexpected ride at notes berry farm in orange county. they planned to take a spin on the wind seeker ride yesterday. the ride malfunctioned. they were dangling 300 feet in the air. they were up there 4 hours before finally being rescued. this is the second time that ride has broken down in 2 weeks. it is 9 minutes before 8:00. gets prepared for the next big one. the new warning signs going up along the coast. >> the major award cab a could win -- caberra would win despite being punished 50 games for chooeting.
7:52 am
-- for cheating.
7:53 am
welcome back. you will see
7:54 am
some new tsunami warning signs. 60 of these signs are going to be posted warning you to head for higher ground if there's an earthquake. the signs will be posted at stinson beach and other coastal areas. it's part of a joint effort by the county and federal government to make sure we're prepared in case of an offshore earthquake. big blue ben believed to be washed away by the japanese tsunami, they found it in hawaii. researchers say it belongs to a company in 2011 tsunami. 7:54, caberra could still win the national league batting title even though he can't play the rest of the regular season. the giants slugger has the highest batting average with 346. commissioner bud seally
7:55 am
says the league probably won't interfere if that number stays at the top. caberra was suspended 50 games for testing positive for elevated test toast roan. hockey games are being canceled just a few days into the nhl lock out. yesterday the nhl announced all games through september 30th are being canceled. the sharks had games for next wednesday, thursday and saturday. two of them were home games. fans who bought tickets can get refunds. it's disappointing for the fans and the businesses. tori at 7:55, when sal says it's a mess in traffic you pay attention. it's a mess on 101. what's going on ? >> it certainly sly -- it certainly is. northbound 101 at theor expressway has had a chain reaction on all traffic. 237,
7:56 am
101, the best alternate is to use 280 instead of 101. we have a lot of tweets and interaction from our viewers to say how bad it is out there in this particular commute. 880 is also slow. there's a crash northbound 880 at haguer river. coming out of san leandro to oakland it is bad. use 580 instead. bay bridge backed up for a 15 minute delay, maybe closer to 20. it is backed up, getting into san front is also -- san front is slow. let's go to steve. sunny for some, low clouds, partly cloudy for others. there's some low 40s and foggy concerns, reduced visibility. for some the low cloud deck has broken free. for a couple locations, the first time for sun in the morning for a while. the last couple of mornings the
7:57 am
fog was thick. 40s for some this morning. we start to feel it here being fall like almost. there's our low spinning. it's heading north then expected to drop south. it could drop over us or the s ie rra. fog, low clouds an sunny. breezy. 60s, 70s for many. we still have an on shore end. one model drops that low in saturday, the other in on sunday. it's on its way. monday looks sun ny, breezy and a little warmer. it is 7:57. the leaders of one bay area city say they have had enough. when they plan to start cracking down on disruptive protests. >> an 11-year-old boy is recovering after being shot inside his oakland home. these are the bullet holes outside. we're going to take you inside to show you where it all happened coming up. >> this gas station in martinez
7:58 am
explodes in flames after a driver accidentally backs his car into a pump. how a quick thinking station employee may have kept this fire from doing more damage.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back. i'm tori cam pbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's thursday, september 20th. shock and out rage this morning after an 11-year-old oakland boy asleep in his own home is hit by gunfire aimed at his house. claudia long is at the house right now. you're going to show us the damage left behind by those bullets. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. we're outside. there are several bullet holes on the outside of this home. we want to take you inside to show you exactly where those bullets ended up. this is the living room. one bullet pierced the picture of 11-year-old louis as it sat in the family room. let's take you in here this morning. i want to show you what's on the other side of the wall. in this bedroom was louis's mother, his father, his 4 month old sister and a 6-year-old brother all sleeping in the bed in this room. you can see the bullet holes on this side of the wall. there were as
8:01 am
many as 16 along the entire front of this house. the four people sleeping in here had bullet holes everywhere. the bullets that hit louis, there's one here through this picture, one here on this wall and another one that went through this wall, this is going to the back bedroom. we've gone through two walls, a tv. this is where louis was sleeping, right here on this bed. if you look underneath you can see where the bullets pierced on the other side of this room. he was sleeping next to his 16-year-old brother francisco. we're going to talk to his other sister who is standing outside this room right now who can talk to us about what happened. i know they didn't realize that he had been hit when he had been hit. what happened when you guys realized that louis had been hurt? >> well, i had come out of my room. when i came out i saw louis run through over there like two times.
8:02 am
my uncle that's outside he grabbed him and then asked him what was wrong because we didn't know he got -- he was the one that got shot until he was holding his chest and his stomach. we asked him, he was like, oh, i got shot, very scared and screaming, crying. he just wanted to fall back. >> reporter: you said he actually is doing well though, right? >> yes. >> reporter: he's doing okay, you talked to your mom at the hospital? >> yeah. he said they have done four surgeries to him so far but that the bullet that went through his chest they're not going to be able to take it out. >> reporter: so they're going to leave it in there? >> yeah. >> reporter: in credible. he's just going to be fine? >> yes. >> reporter: thank you so much for talking to us this morning. again, if you take a look at the path of these bullets, incredible this morning passing through so many different spots and even into this door to actually hit sleeping louis. four surgeries but he's going to be okay. when you think about the four people that were sleeping in here, the two people
8:03 am
in here, the three people in here, the family says they're really just amazed that no one else was hit. live in oakland claudia long. >> thank you. there was another over night shooting that injured three young women riding in a car. among them a 16-year-old girl. at 8:30, a live report, the latest on the injuries to the young women. it is 8:02. a gas station in martinez could be shut down for months after a crash caused a huge fire. am -- alex savage joins us from the station. >> reporter: this driver backed his car into the pump. that's what triggered that dangerous explosion yesterday. the whole station would have gone up in flames if an employee hadn't shut off the gas line right away.
8:04 am
this is cell phone video from the gas station. employees who saw the crash believe this driver may have hit the accelerator instead of the brakes. this pump went up if -- in flames. flames shot 30 feet up into the air. no one was hurt during the fire. to driver of the chevy sedan lost control and hit the pump. the quick thinking station clerk hit the emergency shut off switch to stop the flow of gas. >> it probably saved the entire block honestly. if that fire had gotten down into the tanks underground we might not be standing here talking right now. >> reporter: the driver of that car who triggered this fire was not sited for the crash. police will continue to investigate. he was allowed to leave the scene once police figed out -- figurered out he was not impaired.
8:05 am
we will give you an idea of how intense this fire burned. it melted the plastic covers on these lights. there's a lot of repair work to do. it could be a month or two before the station owners can get the independent gas station back open. live this morning, alex savage. >> at we posted many of that video. look for the bay area knew tab on the front page. president omaba is heading to florida where he'll be courting latino photos. these are live pictures in maryland. you can see president omaba there heading up the steps to air force 1. president omaba will take part in a town hall meeting at the university of miami hosted by spanish language network univision. later he will travel to tampa. he was not campaigning yesterday, spent most of yesterday in washington
8:06 am
dc while his rival republican presidential nominee mitt romney was campaigning in florida yet. mitt romney is also in florida today hoping to drum up support among latino voters. at 8:15 we will go live to washington dc for more on how romney is trying to reboot his campaign following that video from a private fundraiser. the associated press look a closer look at the 47% of american that is romney talked about that he says will vote for president omaba no matter what. among the president's likely supporters, most have jobs, earn higher than average wages and have college degrees. among those who don't pay federal income tax, about half don't owe any because they done earn enough money. 4,000
8:07 am
extremely wealthy households avoid paying income taxes. swat teams from all over the west coast are in santa clara county for a fierce competition. it's the 19th best of the west swat competition. it started about an hour ago. look at these pictures. the sheriff's office is the host for this 2-day event. 30 swat teams from all over are competing. this is closed to the public, obviously for safety reasons. all right. 8:07. let's check in with sal. >> it hasn't been good. we have some improvements out there, which is good. that's the best news i have today. let's go out and take a look at 880. this freeway is so slow because of a crash just out of the reach of our camera here on 880. both directions. people on 58 0 are beginning to notice. people are on 580 avoiding 880
8:08 am
and that's having an effect on the entire east bay commute here. 880 northbound two left lanes blocked with a crash. it's been there now going on an hour. another thing we're looking at is the bay bridge. it's backed up for a 20 minute delay. i want to mention 101. deep red are, very slow. the truck accident finally cleared in palo alto. it just reopened moments ago. 237 and 101 are just ridiculous. give yourself extra time, patience. perhaps you can use 280. if you can pull the card i'm going to be in the office later. let's go to steve. a lot of red. thank you. some patchy fog , some areas are clear actually for the coast. most of the coast is clear seeing sun for if first time in a while -- for the first time in a while.
8:09 am
last couple of days a lot of low clouds and fog. there's thick fog is a combination of low and lower fog rather brisk this morning. sunny and breezy, fog, sunshine again tomorrow, maybe a little warmer. it looks like it will be okay saturday and then clouds and cooler pattern as the low drops right in on sunday. forecast model one of them in sink. again today dropping over the bay area. i think it will produce some rain up there. for us it's not going to get warm any time soon. upper 40s, still some mid 40s now. starting to bounce off some of those morning lows with upper 40s, low 50s. a sea breeze west at about 16 out of travis. strongest gusts. highs today, 6 0s, 70s, near 80s for some. you can see the monster high of pressure driving system into dakota and montana.
8:10 am
it's going to go north and believe it or not drop straight down. the question is where will it drop? we will know for tomorrow. fog, sun, breezy, 60s, 70s for many today. there will be a few low 80s but with a western breeze. livermore 79, oakly at 83, berkeley, oakland between 65 and 68. frooe month -- fremont only 70. low to mid 60s really on much of the coast and the city. a little warmer on friday inland. saturday might start off all right. i think that system drops in on sunday for a change in our weather and breezy and cool into early next week. >> thank you, steve. it's 8 :10. a camera captured a man linked to similar
8:11 am
burglaries. detectives are looking for a man that hopefully we'll see soon. there he is. he broke into bill's market on highway 116 west of santa rosa on september 6th. he's accused of at least three break ins. the suspect is about 6 feet tall, african american with thick rimmed glasses. san francisco police say skanl artists are tar gert -- scam artists are targeting latino women. they say they have a winning lottery ticket and they need money to cash in the ticket and they can't do it themselves because they're not legal citizens. these scammers have stolen almost $12,000 from two hispanic women. it's a police shooting that has sparked out rage. many of the people upset over mario romero's death.
8:12 am
how the mayor plans to bring together a divided community. [ female announcer ] now your best accessory can be your smile. with colgate optic white toothpaste. it whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. so with colgate optic white, all you need to look fabulous is your smile. colgate optic white. whiter teeth in 1 week.
8:13 am
8:14 am
there's still some patchy fog, some of it thick. highs in the 60s and 70s. >> beautiful sky. look at this this. a powerful storm that sweeping through south america right now causing a lot of problems. this storm has already killed 5 people and injured 81 others. we're looking at what's happening in
8:15 am
uragay. heavy rain and near hurricane force winds knocked down trees and made the rivers over flow. ferry service has been suspended in ports and mauls shut down. president omaba is in route to miami to court latino voters at a forum. we just showed live pictures of him getting on board air force 1. mitt romney spoke to the same group yesterday as he tries to reboot his campaign. the specific at the presents romney is taking to do -- the specific steps romney is taking to do that. >> reporter: president omaba has a commanding lead over la toe -- latino voters. mitt romney is not giving up on them. he is still dogged be i that viral video of him speaking at a private fundraiser saying 47% of americans who don't pay income
8:16 am
taxes consider themselves victims. at the forum he insisted he cares for all americans, including the poor. >> my campaign is about the 100% in america. i'm concerned about them. i'm concerned about the fact that over the past 4 years life has become harder for americans. more people have fallen into poverty. >> reporter: president omaba is speaking to that same group today. there are some reports this morning that romney is going to try to end ner guise his campaign by doing fewer of those private fundraisers and more public appearances. reporting live from washington dc, allison burns. time is now 8:16. according to a new poll from the public policy institute more california people disapprove of the job governor jerry brown is doing than approve. his job approval rating 42%. 47% disapprove. again, this is
8:17 am
a new poll from the public policy institute of california. that is a record for the governor. the poll is also looked at proposition 34. it would repeal the death penalty in california. 50% of likely voters think life in prison without patrol should be the penalty for first degree murder. 42% are supporting executions. as for the three strikes law, according to the poll 72% want it changed. 23% say keep it the way it is. right now a third strike means 25 to life in prison for offenders with prior felonies. the proposition 36 would lower the penalty if the third strike is a nonviolent crime. it is 8:17. france is closing embassies and schools in more than 20 countries as a precaution after a french magazine publiced cartoons of the profit mohammad. there are no reports of violence.
8:18 am
the magazine's editors say they are using free speech rights to comment on an anti-islam video not the profit. the video has triggered violent protests across the middle east and north africa. right now an actress who appears in that video is holding a live press conference with her lawyer. let's listen in. >> it had a picture of the man that we called master george. i recognize that face. i clicked onto that trailer. i never understood what the content was. nothing like that was filmed. nothing like that was filmed while i was on the aet set at all -- set at all. i didn't understand it. all the sudden everything breaks out in libya. i called and asked them why they did that. i said why did you do this to us, why did you do this? he said, tell everybody that you're innocent.
8:19 am
tell them the writers did this. he was tired. that he was that was the end of our -- that was the end of our conversation. he's the one, he wrote the script. whatever his other names are, he wrote the script. he had every intent, i believe, to dub over us, make this little thing he wanted the -- to make and put it oh there to make a point. >> you've been listening live to cindy lee garcia. he filed a lawsuit in los angeles county. her lawyers will ask the judge to order you tube to remove the clip. she said she was deceived about the clip. she said he received death threats and fired from her current job because of the fill. -- film. the investigation continues into last week attack in libya. coming up at 8:30 we will talk
8:20 am
live with washington insider jamie dupree. even more charges may be filed against james holmes, the accused gunman in the colorado movie theater massacre in july. prosecutors want 10 more charges added. the notebook that details plan fors the attack, the pros cue toors -- prosecutors are trying to get. he killed 12 people and injured 58 more. a police shooting may get an independent review. the mayor is pushing for the attorney general's office to investigate the death of mario romero. he said the review is needed to rebuild trust between the police and community. police shot and kimmed romero as he sat in a car
8:21 am
outside of his home on september 2nd. police say he was reaching for a pellet gun that looked like a real gun. romero's family said he did not have gaun. -- a gun. an 86-year-old man is arrested for jaywalk ing. a look at the cell phone video that's raising questions about the actions of police. >> right now it's very slow, part. there is one place where -- very slow. there is one place where it's worse than this. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful
8:22 am
...but add some ham and cheese ...roll them up in some crescent dough and tada, thursday is now... a ham & cheese crescent roll-up wonder pillsbury crescents, let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
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8:24 am
it's 8:23. an independent investigation is underway in southern california involving the arrest of an elderly man accused of jaywalking. a police officer handcuffed the 80 dwreerld and pushed him into -- 80-year-old and pushed him into planters. officers say the suspect was unruly, including shoving the officer. >> we have to basically investigate this, take a look at this. we have to evaluate it and come up with a determination whether or not there was force used, if it was excessive force. >> so far we have not heard from the suspect. he faces charges including resisting air ing issue -- arrest and assault on
8:25 am
an officer. quarterback alex smith says he will never wear a giants hat after the football game. he said the nfl originally hit him with a $15,000 fine for violating the dress code. they're warning alex smith if he does it again he will be fined. the nfl players have to wear nfl sanctioned gear. time now just about 8:25. let's check in with sal. really busy with traffic. >> busy everywhere. we have some good news with that truck accident, it has been cleared. the traffic is still very, very low on 101. it's now slow on 101 southbound from as far back as burling game. the bay shore freeway is out. 237 is very slow. 880 is slow.
8:26 am
there's a crash southbound 880 at 92. 880 in oakland is a mess. highway 4 is still low. let's go to our live camera there. westbound highway 4 is still slow. it's beginning to ease up a little bit. bay brinl best of my knowledge -- bridge trying to get into san francisco is a 25 minute delay. howard street closed between 3rd and 4th. let's go to steve. most tweeters have said sunshine here, a few of those said foggy and cold. most of that fog is patchy more than anything else. there's more sun on the coast than we've seen in a while. sam mateo coast has the real fog. that system responsible for it is moving's -- north. it's spinning in a few high clouds. patchy fog, the low cloud variety and down on the deck. lows near the
8:27 am
north bay upper 30s and low 40s. that can be really cold. 40s for a few. mid 50s for others. we're start ing ing to bounce off -- starting to bounce off those morning lows. there's still a sea breeze in place. it looks like it's going to drop down the elevator shaft late saturday and early sunday and come over northern california and maybe us. my guess is more towards sack -- sack a -- sacramento. it may be warmer tomorrow. it could carry into early saturday. i think sunday that system drops if, sunny, breezy and below normal for a while. sdltd -- how ordering pizza caused over drawn bank accounts in the bay area. >> someone opened fire on a moving car. we'll tell you who the surprising targets were
8:28 am
coming up. >> time to stop renting. why a new study says buying could save you hundreds of dollars a month when mornings on 2 continues.
8:29 am
8:30 am
ktvu has exclusive video to show you now. an over night shooting in oakland where three young women were hurt. it happened near mills college. tar a moyarti has the latest. >> reporter: we noticed a girl, 16 years old limping out of the hospital. when we spoke to her they did not want to comment on what happened. she does match
8:31 am
the description of one of the victims shot in the leg. here's what happened as far as we know from the very first witness to arrive at the crime scene just before midnight, a drive by shooting. our witness says there was a young women slumped over the wheel of her suv who was shot in the upper torso area. someone pulled up alongside them and started firing. five young women were in the car. two very shot, a third suffered cuts to her face from glass. it is believed the shooter used a semi-automatic or automatic weapon. witnesses counted about a dozen bullet casings. police say the victims were not copper rating with the investigation so it's unclear if it's gang related. we have tried contacting the oakland police department and we will let you know what we hear from them as soon as the information becomes available. also over night in oakland,
8:32 am
an 11-year-old boy was shot as he slept in his own bed. >> he was like oh, i got shot, very scared and screaming. >> coming up in 15 minutes, a live report from that 11-year-old's house. we will see the damage left behind by that gunfire. the san jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack on the job is back at home this morning. 41-year-old frank ryan was released from regional medical center yesterday. he suffered a heart attack late last month while fighting a fire. fellow firefighters visited ryan in shifts while he was in the i cu. they raised money to fly ryan's family members to san jose. authorities need your help to find a missing man from san carlos. 25-year-old derek oh olsen -- olsen was last seen 2 weeks ago at 10:president 30 -- at 10:30.
8:33 am
he had been home bound for the past 2 years. he told his family he wanted to walk to visit his grandparents. it's a big question, should you buy a house or rent it. ann ruben here live to explain why some are saying that buying it would save you money. ann. >> reporter: that's right. thanks to fall ing mortgage rates and rising rent a few study says now is a good time to buy. the study conducted by real estate sight trulia found that it's cheaper to buy in all 100 of the largest u.s. metros, including the bay area. it's 28% in san francisco and 30% cheaper in san jose. renters say the numbers don't necessarily reflect the reality here, especially for people who can't afford a big down payment on a house. >> what happens is people who
8:34 am
own these properties that you can rent, what they're doing is they know that the majority of people can't afford to put this money down so what they do is they hike up your rent because they know they've got you caught between a rock and a hard place. >> reporter: a study found that nationwide rents have gone up about 4.7%. live in san jose ann ruben. time is now 8:33. some over drawn bank accounts has some pizza customers really bad because of delayed charges. turns out their debit and credit card charges at little caesars didn't go through at first. there was a glitch with the company. suddenly all of the charges made since january were approved. some regular pizza customers were angry when their hot and readies came up 9 months worth later in the charges. in some cases a $300 bill that over
8:35 am
drew accounts. protestors are clashing with police in pakistan. this is new video. protestors, many of them students, have taken to the street chanting antih-american slogans and setting fires. police have been using tear gas to drive them back. the demonstration is the latest over an anti-islam video that attacks mohamma. secretary clinton will brief congress on the libya attack in a closed door meeting today. yesterday the senate hearing a top u.s. intelligence official described the attack as an act of terror. >> would you say that ambassador stevens and the other three americans died as a result of a terrorist attack? >> certainly on that particular question i would say yes. they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our embassy.
8:36 am
>> political reporter jamie dupree joins us from washington dc. some republicans -- explain why they're frustrated by this investigation. >> it was a pretty interesting moment in that tape you just played from the hear being the guy who is the head of the national counterterrorism center. that may sound like mum bow jumbo but it's an important part of u.s. intelligence gathering. he labeled last week's attacks as a terrorist attack. republicans are frustrated because they feel like that should have been the description from the get go. john mccain was about ready to just explode. he was so mad he was clutching the latest report about that hearing and talking to us about it. republicans just argue that this administration í has not done enough and did not do enough on security related to the 9/11
8:37 am
anniversary last week. that's certainly to come up today in today ease closed door brief being the secretary of state. >> reading your blog there was questions about security planning and about why no marines at been sent. was there intelligence there was going to be an attack or just expecting there to be extra security all over the world on 9/11?. >> that's the question that they want to know. the white house briefing has not given us much on information on that. that's what senators and house members want to know, should it have spurred a bit more security. you're right, if you're going the take 9/11 into account everywhere do you have enough people to be sent all over the place. the fact is that there were no marines, that there were security provisions in place but nothing extra that was done in
8:38 am
relation to this 9/11 anniversary. a year ago nothing happened then and maybe that colored what happened this year in terms oh of that security. you know, 20/20 hindsight it might sound political opportunist i can but it's going to be used a lot no matter what. >> you mentioned that some republicans feel mitt romney focusing on the economy, but this is a good time for him to focus on foreign policy? >> you make a valid point. some poll number s have gone down for the president and his handling of foreign policy and maybe mitt romney should go that way. the republicans make the case that the economic factor is the biggest one and the best one for romney to campaign on. what was it the president noted in his acceptance speech, he noted how neither mitt romney nor paul ryan had much experience in foreign policy matters. it may be that republicans in the congress will take up the cause
8:39 am
of attacking the administration on more of foreign policy and let mitt romney and paul ryan focus more on economic matters. the polls still the same. an edge to the president ever so slightly in most of those 10 swing states. >> thank you. you can find a link to jamie washington insider log on our website at pull down the news menu bar and go to our politics page. sal is back to tell you about our morning rush. it is rush. >> it is rush. let's take a look at what we have now. this is 880. it has been a mess from downtown oakland. this is the unexpected delay that catches people off guard heading to the airport at oakland. you need to negotiate more time. you need to give yourself more time to negotiate interstate 880 because of a crash at 880 northbound at
8:40 am
hagenberger. 580 is slow because more people on it to avoid this mess. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is improving a little bit. south of market has been attracting a lot of people because of dream force. it will be gone next week. this week howard street is closed between 3rd and 4th. we're getting some relief as well from concord to walnut creek still slow but 24 is still improving. let's go to steve. a little more sun than fog today. most of the low cloud deck has a lot of holes in it. it was chilly this morning. lots of 40s, low 50s. we're starting to boun off those morning lows. sunny, breezy today. fog will be back tonight, tomorrow patchy. sunshine.
8:41 am
a little warmer inland. saturday looks okay but a system is going to drive right on us on sunday. it looks to be rather close to dropping on us around sacramento. it won't do mitch for -- much for us. some of that fog makes it tough to warm up too soon. a western wind at the airport. west all the way out to the delta, even to the sacramento valley, a big ridge of high pressure with a low spinning there. it's drifting north. it's expected to go to seattle, portland and drop into northern california on the weekend. fog, sun, breezy at times. sunshine today but 60s and 70s for almost everybody. a couple low 80s or mid 80s. temperatures kind of settled into this range, i don't think they're going to change too much. 70s for most
8:42 am
locations . the city should be 70, they're checking in at 74. a little warmer inland friday maybe into saturday. that system comes in sunday for another cool down. it's 19 minutes before 9:00. it's something many of us live to hate. find out why you'll see a lot more junk mail in the months ahead. >> why women in palo alto are being warned by police today, particularly if they go out jogging. >> an 11-year-old hit by gunfire as he slaeps in his own bed. coming up, whatted. you'll hear from his family and we'll tell you how the little boy is doing. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful
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8:45 am
stocks are down. the government reported that 382,000 people applied for unemployment benefits. they suggest hiring too weak lower the unemployment rate. the nasdaq is down 11. this morning a san francisco company is making its debut.
8:46 am
trulis is trading at $23.65. that's up nearly 40% so far in its first day of trading. it priced its initial offering at $17 to raise $102 million. it is trading under the symbol trla. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories. a gas station in martinez, this one here will probably be closed for months after a car backed into a pump triggering a huge fire. it happened here at the flex oil and gas station. now the station manager hit an emergency switch, that cut off the gasoline flow. luckily no one was hurt. a 16-year-old girl hit by gunfire is now out of the hospital. she was among three young women wounlded in the drive -- bounded in the drive by shooting. police say the victims are not cooperating.
8:47 am
bullet holes riddle the walls of a house in oakland, more than a dozen bullets hit this house where a family was asleep. an 11-year-old boy was wounded in the chest and stomach. claudia long that has been out there since 4:30. you have all the latest information. >> reporter: in just the last few minutes 11-year-old louis's mother just arrived back home. she's inside having a difficult time. louis is apparently undergone four surgeries and one of the bullets is still lodged deep. they're going the leave it there. they expect him to recover. i want to take you outside to this house here where you can see all the bullet holes that literally peppered this house about 1 o'clock this morning. this wall is just one of the bedroom walls in this house. >> this is where my dad, my mom and my little sister and little brother were sleeping. nothing happened to them. >> you can see these are all
8:48 am
the bullet holes here? >> yes. >> as you can see. >> iing i think count one, two, three, four -- >> 16. >> that's how many you counted? >> yes. >> he wasn't in here? >> no. two bullet hol -- holes passed through the and the door. three on the wall as well. >> reporter: again, that bedroom not where louis slept. he was sleeping in a back bedroom with his 16-year-old brother and uncle. the bullet that hit him passed through two walls, a tv and a door before hitting him. the brother did check on louis but didn't realize he had been hit. >> i didn't know there were bullet holes. i saw blood dripping down. i just had to grab him and had a white t-shirt and there was blood all over it. i told him calm down, everything will be all right, just stay
8:49 am
strong. he made a promise to me sister that he's going to stay strong. as soon as the ambulance came he calmed down. >> reporter: he's a strong little boy who is doing better at this hour. you're looking at a picture of 11-year-old louis. he's a 6th grader. that picture was in the family room of the home. when i took a walk inside i saw bullet holes in the kitchen, living room, in both bedrooms, through a door. even in bedroom here where the mother and father were sleeping with a 6 month old and 4-year-old there was a bullet hole above the head board. it came close to having more victims in this drive by. the family says they do not know why they're house was hit. they say gunfire is common in this neighborhood but they don't believe they were targeted. more junk mail could be heading your way. apparently a plan by the u.s. poe -- postal
8:50 am
service to try to make money. pam cook reports in our news room. there's help on the way. pam. >> reporter: the postal service continues to face multibillion dollar losses because of a significant drop in first class mail as it loses customers to the internet and other delivery services. in the advertising industry it is known as standard mail but most of us call it junk mail. the u.s. postal service is cutting deals with businesses and direct mail marketers to send more sales pitches through the mail as a way to recover lost revenue. the paper also says the postal service is likely to meet opposition cities that estimate the cost of collecting and disposing of junk mail is $1 million a year. catalog choice offers customers
8:51 am
a way to opt out of unwanted mail. austin, texas started using catalog choice in april and it's already saved thousands of dollars and millions of pounds of trash. there are others as well, including another local company stop junk mail. about 48%, nearly half of the mail now is advertising appeal. you can find out more about how you can opt out by going to and click on web links. reportinging live in the news room, pam cook. 9 minutes before 9:00. palo alto police are warning women about several groping incidents. a woman told police a man grabbed her from behind while jogging and tried to pull her down. she managed to get away and call for help. it's the third time in a month that a woman reported being grabbed in the same area.
8:52 am
>> our biggest concern is that most recent case is almost an escalation from the prior two. . >> police think the same suspect committed all three a i take -- attacks. he's described as 40 years old and 5 foot 9. police are searching for a man who has been offering rides to students. he was last seen yesterday afternoon. police say he offered a ride to a young boy. a similar incident happened about 2 weeks ago. the driver is described as a college aged white man driving a brown pick up truck with a camper shell. something new for the people cheated in the bernie ma doll of scandal. they will be getting money. how much and how soon. >> cal sal will have a look at the conditions on 880 in oakland. it's not been a pretty picture. her it was homemade.
8:53 am
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. we know the name of a man found unconscious monday on highway 128. sheriff deputies say he's 42-year-old dustin valentine. he was found with head injuries in a westbound lane. highway patrol officers first thought he had been hit by a car. the sheriff's office a later determined he had not. deputies say he is in critical condition. they're still trying to determine exactly what happened to him. new this morning, more
8:56 am
compensation will go to people in the bernie madolf ponzi scheme. a trustee liquidating assets says an additional $2.5 billion will be sent to a victim's fund. pay outs range from $1,700 to $527 million . it's believed there was $17 billion taken. he is currently serving a 150 year prison sentence. time now 8:56. 300 flights have been canceled this week by american airlines and american eagle dealing with the new number of pilots calling in sick. they canceled the flights in advance to avoid incon conveniencing passengers. it has canceled more flights than any other u.s. airline. the pilots didn't approve a new cost
8:57 am
cutting contract after amr filed for bankruptcy. 8 :56. let's check in one more time with sal. any improvement on 880? >> not really. let's do the pictures. let the picture do the talking here. 880 southbound has improved a little bit. now that the obstruction is gone northbound 880 is very behind schedule. the crash finally cleared. if you're trying to catch a flight at oakland airport you need to give yourself extra time. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. we're finally getting some improvement. since people have finally gotten around the 880 stuff, this is going to become busier. of course i wanted to refresh my maps on the air here. you see what that did. the traffic is lighter now through pleasant hill, walnut creek. now, let's go to steve. mostly sunny, some patchy fog this morning. some of it
8:58 am
thick, some of it looks to be burning off. still below average on the temperatures. maybe a little warmer into friday. the low drops in on northern california on sunday and monday. >> all right. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to join ktvu channel 2 news at noon for the latest on the shooting of an 11-year-old boy. from all of us here, thanks for joining us.
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